Going to school is a child’s first step into the endless journey of knowledge and exploration. School is the first place where parents leave their kid independently. Hence, choosing the right academic institution is a vital step in enhancing the academic as well as creative interests of the kid.

The Mips was founded by Mr. Naeem Ahmad Farooqi in year 2009 after decades of strenuous efforts in educational field.

The purpose behind “The Mips” is to develop such a system of education in Pakistan that will equip our future generation with the intellectual needs of the time. After educating, grooming and polishing, we prepare our students to meet the real challenges of life and to take them step forward with power of knowledge and education.

The Mips is well equipped with sophisticated infrastructure, optimum learning environment and experienced personnel. The Mips usually takes very less number of students per class and hence individual attention is given to the student.

Currently following programs are offered:

  •       Pre-1/Play Group/PG (for age of 3+)
  •       Pre-2/Nursery (for age of 4+)
  •       Pre-3/Preparation/Prep (for age of 5+)
  •       Class One (for age of 6+)

Within next couple of years we will start Upper level classes leading to Matric and O-Level.