If you want to reap the benefits by investing on education then you are on the right track. To obtain Mips franchise, you will have to follow the following steps:

Step 1:

Contact our Corporate Team to get essential information. You may also have an appointment and Visit Mips Head Office to discuss your plan in all aspects.

Step 2:

For registration, Mips will provide you with complete kit containing all necessary information and a registration form. Fill the complete form and send it back to our corporate office.

Step 3:

Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on an advance payment of MOU Fee. You may get that specific area mentioned in the MOU where you are interested to operate your school. By signing the MOU, you will:

  • Reserve your right to operate Mips in the specified area.
  • Be allowed to use Mips name while your building is under construction or renovation.
  • Be eligible to ask Mips head office for the architectural advice and support if required.
  • Be eligible to know about Mips unique syllabus, text books and note books

Step 4:

As soon as your building/renovation (with specified structure and color scheme specified in agreement) is ready, you must sign the Association Agreement. However, the Agreement should be signed at least about three months before the franchise gets operative.

Step 5:

After completion of step three you need to hire the school staff specified by Mips regarding qualifications and experience. Before your business opens, you will want to post signs and give newspaper ads for hiring the staff. Make sure you have done reference checks before hiring an employee. Mips also maintains its Human Resource Pool for this purpose. You may get the data of your required staff from our head office.

Step 6:

The MIps head office shall undertake the admissions campaign and also impart necessary orientation to the Network Associates, the principals, and the teachers. Hence, the school will take off in full gear.