As Albert Einstein said “Education is not the learning of facts, but training of the mind to think” and I also believe that quality education is the name of shaping the minds with balance approaches. At The Mips our motto is “Passion to Excel” which gives our students a zeal and motivation to excel in their careers academically and professionally.

I believe that each student is a pool of talent which must be nurtured intellectually, socially and physically which ultimately produce creativity and leadership in students. Recognizing this philosophy I have taken an initiative to implement such an educational system with the name of “The Mips” (The Mips School System) which will take a lead in educational sector in Pakistan.

I assure that The Mips is a perfect match which can perfectly meet personal goals in accomplishing academic qualifications and bright careers ahead.

Mr. Naeem Ahmad Farooqi

Founder & Chairperson The Mips School System